Founded in 2004, Volfoniq is a “one-man-dub” from the south of France. In a retro-futuristic mood, he uses his classical formation (clarinet) and a rich musical history to produce a dub that goes farther than tags, respecting the jamaican roots, but adventuring into new lands of experimentation. Based both on electronic and acoustic elements, his music is fundamentally opened and generous. Recognized for his producer and remixer skills, Volfoniq stepped over the stages in France and Europe thru rare and osmotic livesets. Encounters and sharing are at the center of Volfoniq’s approach, that led him to collaborate with numerous artists from different kinds and places (see Discography). On this pilgrimage, he’s faithful to LibreCommeLair (LCL) label, and also made some releases on prestigious e-labels like Jahtari or A Quiet Bump.
Volfoniq shared the stage with the likes of : Alborosie (I), Brain Damage (F), Das Kraftfuttermischwerk (D), Disrupt (D), Dj Palotai (H), Dreadzone (UK), Dub4 & Mc Taiwxan (F), Jahcoozi (D), Junior Cony (F), Kaophonic Tribu (F), Rusko (Uk), Solo Banton (Uk), SoomT (Uk), Tribuman (F), Uppercut Band (Uk), Zion Train (Uk)…

Sziget Festival (Hungary) °° Delicious Offbeat Vibration Festival (Germany) °°Telerama Dub Festival (France) °° High Bass Levels festival (Greece) °° Bergen Reggae festival (Norway) °° Netaudio Berlin festival (Germany) °° Festival Les Chromatiques (France) °° Casteddu Dub Station (Sardinia) °° Keep on Dub Festival (France) °° White rabbit Club (Germany) °° Alte Schule (Switzerland) °° Karnaval Humanitaire (France) °° Festival Dub en sauce (France) °° Festival Art Is Cho (France) °° Festival Sortie de rue (France) °° Sistema de sonido Festival ( Spain) °° Resolute Gallery (Switzerland) °° Le Tortill’art (France) °° Three kings Jam in KTS (Germany) °° La Coupole (Switzerland) °° Fecske terrasse (Hungary) °° Festival Copyfest (France) °° Radical Night #4 (France) °° Festival Les Irréducktibles (France) °° Symposium international de sculpture sur pierre (France) °° Festival Lacerta Vitis (France) °° Festival Le Printemps de Bouses (France) °° Atout Fil insolite (France)